House Remodelling & Extension, North London

House before extension, 2012

House after extension, 2014

Extension interior

Exterior decking

This is a long-term project to remodel and extend our own home in north London, including internal remodelling and an extension on two sides to add an additional bedroom, bathroom, shower room, downstairs wc, kitchen diner and office area.  Sustainable features include external insulation with exposed thermal mass to regulate temperatures inside, underfloor heating, solar thermal water heating, rainwater harvesting, low carbon materials and of course re-use of an existing building.  The project altered the existing home significantly and was undertaken whilst we remained in occupation, which was an interesting challenge.

Since completion of “Phase 1” in early 2014, we have carefully monitored energy use and, after a few initial teething problems, found that this had significantly reduced, despite adding area to the house.  The improved space and layout helped to transform the way we live and 10 years on, our reinvigorated home is still bringing us joy.  We are now planning another phase of work, this time to replace the remaining windows and to add external insulation and solar photovoltaic panels.

Look out for a series of YouTube videos, planned for early 2024!