Enfield Town Library

Shepheard Epstein Hunter | 2010

This project involved the extension and refurbishment of an existing public library to provide fully modernised and accessible facilities, together with provision of a new landscaped green space.  This  included a water feature which was added to the project once it became clear that the main works were going to complete significantly below budget.  The main glazed elevation is intended to be more like a shop window than a traditional library and faces north, avoiding solar gain, whilst the other more solid stone elevations shield the library from sun and traffic noise.  Other sustainable features include re-use of an existing building, ground source heating boreholes, heat recovery ventilation and increased biodiversity.  I was Project Associate and then Director, leading from initial concept design in 2006 to handover of the finished building in 2010.  This project is particularly close to my heart, and it is also very close to where I live.  I am delighted when people I know still tell me how they like to visit and work there!  The project won “Best Built Project” at the London Planning Awards in 2011.  

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