more about design services
more about design services



I can provide a full architectural design service for smaller projects, including brief development, concept design and detailed construction information as well as obtaining UK planning and building regs approvals and assisting with building contracts and the wider project team.  Of course, you may not require all of these services and so I can just dip in to assist where I can add best value.  I use integrated 2D/3D software for design to provide clients with visualisations, virtual reality and video for their projects, along with simple energy, sunlight and daylight analysis.

My approach to designing sustainably is based on a “fabric first” approach to energy efficiency combined with selection of low carbon materials and use of renewable or low energy technologies.  It’s really not that complicated in principle, but understanding how the design will be used and maintained is really important if the project is to be a long-term success. New build projects tend to catch the headlines, but often the most sustainable approach is to re-use existing buildings, provided they are structurally sound and can be made fit for their new purpose and sufficiently energy efficient.

My previous experience encompasses a mixture of new-build, extension and refurbishment projects, with particular expertise in 20th century heritage buildings, but I would be happy to consider any project with a sustainable component.

Special Projects

This category is for other forms of design beyond the traditional parameters of architectural practice.  Projects could be closely allied to architecture, for example exterior sculpture or internal joinery, or they could be independent such as exhibition or theatre work.  



I have extensive previous experience in the technical design of buildings, including buildability, programming and sustainability, having specialised in this during my 30 years in the industry. Previous experience includes projects in the residential, education and public building sectors with construction values of up to £100m.  Please refer to the experience and testimonials parts of this website.

This service is most likely to be of interest to architects, contractors or building owners with sustainable projects to deliver.  I can provide advice “live” whilst projects are underway, or as part of the bidding or pre-construction stages.  I can also provide staff training.


I have experience of two town planning appeals and contributed to a successful result for my client on both occasions.  In the first appeal, in 2008, I acted as the expert design witness for a client seeking to overturn a refusal for a low energy extension to a 20th century listed building in a conservation area.  This appeal was successful and we went on to assist the client with securing the approval in perpetuity.  In the second appeal, in 2022, I acted as an advocate for a local community group who were acting as a “Rule 6 Party”, resisting an appeal by a developer against a planning refusal for what we considered to be unsustainable development. I am pleased to say that in this case the appeal failed, forcing the developer to return with a more sustainable proposal.

My skills include the ability to review and analyse the technical data involved in planning applications relatively quickly, to identify flaws and to offer cogent arguments, supported by evidence and current guidance.

This service is most likely to be of interest to designers, developers or communities with sustainable developments to deliver, or unsustainable developments to challenge.

Business mentoring

I have been on the board of directors of a successful architecture practice for 15 years, for the last 6 years as either managing director or finance director.  During this time, alongside project work, I led the implementation of project costing and resource management software.  I also had a leading role in setting the 5-year business plan, developing initiatives to improve efficiency, managing professional indemnity insurance, liaising withthe bank, liaising with accountants and improving the practice Quality and Environmental Management System (QEMS).

I would be delighted to share my experience with other organisations facing similar challenges.  This service is most likely to be of interest to small or medium sized creative businesses.